Yeti in the works

Starting up a Patreon for the game as well at:

Anything helps and tis the season right? Anyways check out the yeti, would love some feedback. Also have a little minigame you can try at:

The plan right now is to create some monsters and focus on that then work on the lands for them. So as far as a demo update, don't expect one for awhile. But at least you can look at em! Later you can defeat them hah! Hopefully Patreon can get me a bit of extra resources to make the game better. As an only dev so far I am pretty limited in what I can do but more funds could change that. The plan for now is to complete what I can alone and finish a game even if it does not have all the features I originally wanted. Perhaps I can update it in the future when I learn more about pretty much everything hah.

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Nov 16, 2017

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